Humor & Fashion

‘The Shitpost Project’ is the first clothing brand inspired by ‘Shitpost’ memes that will use Blockchain technology to create certificates of authenticity in the form of NFTs for each garment of our brand.

The first collection will consist of 2799 garments, linked to their respective NFTs.


This project was born thanks to our love for shitpost memes. We literally believe that this is the latest evolution of humor, and we love how we can express ourselves artistically with a touch of humor thanks to the shitpost and thus be able to brighten anyone’s day with the power of one bizarre piece. This is how The Shitpost Project was born.

The first objective of this project is to honor this great humorous branch by creating a brand around it. Starting with the launch of a collection of 2799 NFTs that will serve as a “Kickstarter” for it.

Roadmap & Utility

  • Holders from the first collection will receive 40% of the net profit from each new clothing launch of the brand. In this way we encourage the community of owners to become ambassadors of the brand to help it become one of the largest in the world.

  • By owning a garment from the first collection, individuals will have the possibility to vote for the decisions made by the company thanks to the fact that each NFT certificate will function as a position in the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) of The Shitpost Project.

  • Each owner of a garment from the first collection must connect their wallet to verify possession of the garment and then must fill out a form where they will place the shipping data and also the data on the size of the clothing to later start shipping the garment.










    Nelson Pérez : CEO / Founder

    Jose Andara: CTO / Co-Founder

    Miguel Conde: Fashion Director / Co-founder

    Carlos Pérez: CMO / Co-founder

    Adrian Velasquez: Blockchain Developer


    When will the release date be?


    Will there be a public sale, a raffle or will it just be a sale through a Whitelist?

    There will be a public sale through a raffle and a presale through a whitelist.

    Have you already established the pre-sale and public sale price?

    No. We will announce the price through our communication channels in mid-June.